Hi, my names is Alessandro Conza and i are more than a web design.

Multidisciplinary Designer based in Naples (Italy), focused on UI/UX Design e Developer.
I take care of a project, starting from the choice of hosting, to the creation of mockup,
to the optimization of the performances, up to the semantic structure for theSEO.

Take a look at my style 🎨

View my latest personal projects, where I can express my style.
There is also the blog section, it could be interesting.

What can I do for you or your team!


Developer web site or e-commerce, using the best tools like CMS WordPress, Joomla, Grav, WooCommerce o writing code from the scratch.


If you need the part of graphics of a site, started UX for a fulfilling experience, passing through the mockup and finally the layout of the whole project, contact me.